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  • What are the steps for securing your services for my wedding?
    1. You will be sent a digital profile to fill out. 2. We will send you your contract to sign. 3. You will need to make a $100 deposit to Venmo 4. You will receive an email confirming that the date is secured. 5. Your trial will be scheduled next unless you are securing more than 1 year in advance. If you are securing your date more than 1 year in advance, then your trial will be scheduled after the 1 st of January of the year of your wedding.
  • How many people will be providing services to my bridal party?
    With your initial quoted table, you will notice at the bottom a place for ‘assistants’ and ‘stylists.’ More commonly than not, you will only see a ‘1’ in one of those places. As the owner of the company, there is no additional fee for me to provide services. This means that you will only see numbers in those places for additional staff. If there is a 1, then 2 people are providing services, and if there is a 2 then 3 people are providing services etc.
  • How many people are on your team?
    My anchor team is myself and my daughter, however we do have up to an additional 3 staff members available to assist if needed.
  • How many stylists will I need for my group?
    Some of this depends on what time you need to be done by and what time you want to start services. Typically myself and my daughter are able to manage up to groups of 8 (8 hair and 8 makeup, 16 services) on our own, but of course you may add additional staff if you want.
  • How much does additional stylists’ cost?
    For an additional Licensed stylist there is a $200 fee and for assistants (typically students in cosmetology school) there is a $150 fee. These fees help cover their gas, and travel time to meet us either for a carpool, or to travel directly to the venue as they live in other towns.
  • When is the final payment due?
    The final payment is not due until the day of the wedding.
  • Why can’t I prepay for my services or the final balance?
    We cannot accept payment in advance for a few different reasons; A.) Life happens! Things change, and adjustments need to be made. It’s easier to adjust if money hasn’t passed hands. B.) We as a company provide a service and don’t believe in folks paying for anything they haven’t received (call us old fashioned).
  • Is gratuity included?
    No, we do not include gratuity in our pricing for the simple reason of clients should have the right to choose what they tip, based on their experience and satisfaction with their service.
  • What is customary for a tip?
    Think of tipping your stylists what you would tip a waitress, typically 20% give or take, if you were happy with your services and experience.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Venmo, Cash, Check, or Credit Cards. *Please note that for Credit Cards and Venmo there is a 3% additional fee to cover some of the processing fees and there is a 3% discount if you pay your final bill in cash.
  • When will I get my final bill/invoice?
    1-2 weeks before the wedding date we will send out an email with a final payment table outlining all ofyour payment options, so you don’t have to do any math at all!
  • Can my wedding party pay individually, why, or why not and what are the options?
    Unfortunately, no, we can only accept one payment for the final bill. Historically we used to accept individual payments but found that we often were not paid by some individuals. Some brides will collect payment from their members ahead of time, while others will collect after the wedding, and some will pay for the services and ask their members to cover the tip. At the end of the day, we will make sure you are able to pay however is best for you and your group.
  • Why do elopements cost more than larger wedding parties?
    Elopements are charged as a ‘package’ price rather than an itemized table. The reason for this is because of the amount of work that goes into providing only 2 services (hair and makeup). We must pack up all of our equipment (the same equipment we use for large parties), load it onto our car, drive to your location, unpack it all, do the services, clean and pack it all up, drive it back and unload it again. In addition to that, we must account for our travel time and work time slightly differently in that we typically are not able to take any other appointments in that day. The package pricing is based on us closing the business for the entire day. Of course, we understand that is not financially feasible for many and we completely understand that.
  • Can I add one person to my elopement package and have the pricing stay the same?
    Unfortunately, no, elopement package pricing is for one person to receive two services. If more than one person is looking for services, then the minimum of $1400 is required.
  • Is there a minimum number of services for booking your team?
    No, but we do have a minimum of $1400 in services on the wedding day. We don’t count the services because we want you to have the freedom to tailor your day to what fits you and your family.
  • What if I don’t meet the minimum but would still like to book your services?
    Give us a call! Normally we can help find ways for you to reach the minimum. If we can’t, you always have the option to pay the minimum and we will still provide services.
  • Can I secure my date with you and then change the number of services?
    Absolutely! You can add services, swap them and manipulate them however you like, as long as you don’t fall below the minimum of $1400 in services. This is why I strongly recommend you secure your date and sign your contract with the minimum number of people you feel confident will be getting services. You can always add at any time, but it’s much more difficult to subtract services.
  • What if someone decided at the last minute they want services?
    Typically, this is not a problem! We can add services at any time, even the day of the wedding! If you are able to give us the heads up about the potential for adding, we will factor that into our schedule, if not, we almost always can make it work.
  • Why do you require a phone call before allowing me to send a deposit?
    We require a phone call to get to know you better and to allow you to get to know us! This is vitally important to us to make sure we as humans are compatible with each other. You don’t want to spend the most important day of your life with a team you don’t enjoy the company of. This also allows us to answer any questions you might have in depth.
  • When might I need to provide a hotel for your team?
    We try not have to use a hotel if possible. Typically, if we must travel more than 2 hours one way and start before 8, we may consider a hotel. Don’t panic, often I can get the hotel to charge us a ‘vendor rate’, which is a decent discount, often cheaper than room blocks.
  • If you need a hotel, do I book it and pay for it, or do you?
    If a hotel is needed, there are two options. Some hotels will honor a vendor room rate, and in that case, I will book it, pay for it, and add it to your final bill. If the hotel will not honor a vendor rate, it’s typically best for you to secure the room under your block for a better rate.
  • If you need a hotel room, do I need to book a room for each of your staff?
    NO! We operate as a team and are happy to put up to 4 of us in one hotel room. The goal is to charge you as little as possible when doing a hotel room.
  • Where do trials happen?
    Trials will take place at my salon located at 33 Valley View Rd Berlin Vt 05602. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to travel to you for trials as they are like elopements. Please see the question about elopements for more information.
  • Can I bring someone to my trial with me?
    Absolutely! We would advise not bringing more than 2 people with you to your trial. Our salon space isquite private and designed for more intimate services. We recommend bringing individuals that are supportive of your choices and uplifting. There is also Bar Hill Distillery less than 1 mile from us.
  • Why isn’t the trial included in the initial quote?
    Brides travel from far and wide, and it’s not always realistic for them to fly or drive for a trial, so we do not include it in the table.
  • Is a trial required?
    No, we do not require you to have a trial, however, we do strongly recommend it. Ultimately, this depends on your comfort level. Some brides feel very confident about what they want and are not stressed about it, while others don’t know what they want and are nervous about having their hair and makeup done. Either way, we are here to support you however you need.
  • Why can’t I schedule a trial on the weekend?
    We dedicate our weekends to weddings all year round. Because of this we are not able to make appointments of any kind on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Can I add time for “touch-up’s”?
    We build extra time into the timeline for touchups before everyone gets their photos taken.
  • Do I have to pay additional for touch-ups?
    No, touchups before the ceremony are included in all the pricing. We charge by the service, not the hour. If you wanted us to stay for touchups after the ceremony, then yes, that would be a separate fee, but trust me, you won’t need them.
  • How much time do you need for each person?
    We schedule roughly 45 minutes for each service.
  • What is the schedule for the day of the wedding?
    There is no schedule! Stay with me, events on a wedding day are completely unpredictable and can be incredibly stressful for everyone. Through years of experience and feedback from past brides, we have found it’s best to roll with the changes and flex to fit each person’s needs. We will send you a table you can fill in with the ‘order’ of who will go for what services. We will announce when we are 10 minutes out from needing the next person, and we will take whoever is available, or whoever is next in the order.
  • When do I (the bride) go?
    As the star of the show, it’s best you don’t go first, so that you are as fresh as possible, but also important that you are on time and not rushed, so going last is not ideal. We have found that having brides completed 1 hour before their photographer arrives is the sweet spot.
  • What time do we have to start in the morning?
    Our start time is dictated by our end time, which is identified by your photographer. We love making friends and want to be respectful of all vendors that are working hard to give you the dream wedding you deserve. Your photographer will tell us or you what time they want you completed by, and we will work backwards from there to determine the time we should start.
  • What if the first people in the morning need their hair or makeup refreshed?
    Have no fear! We will make sure everyone is happy and ready to go down the aisle. For those that were our first in the morning, we have them back in the chair to touch up, refresh and make any changes they need.
  • Do I need to provide lunch for you and your team?
    All my team members are encouraged to bring snacks if they need, however we do not schedule lunch and we do not stop to eat. We will gladly accept water or coffee to keep us going.
  • Why does each person need to have an inspiration photo for their makeup?
    Inspiration images are vital to our success, and your happiness. The image/s don’t need to be exactly what you are looking for, just the general ballpark. You are also welcome to show us photos of a past wedding you were n or event where you liked or disliked the work. The disliked is sometimes more important than what you did like so that we know what to avoid or change. This will allow us to work quicker and provide the best service for each person. Please keep in mind that each person receiving services is required to have a photo of both hair and makeup, as outlined in your contract.
  • Why can’t you just ‘do what you think’, or ‘what ever you want’?
    The reality is what you want is not what we want. We don’t know what you are comfortable with, the colors you like, or the style you are familiar with. Believe it or not asking us to do ‘whatever we want’ will take us longer to achieve, and can place excessive stress on the stylist, so we kindly request you have some inspiration images ready for us.
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