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True Vermont Beauty | Salon and Hair Services Vermont


Let your true beauty shine!

True Vermont Beauty is a professional salon offering a wide range of beauty services located in central Vermont. Our team is dedicated to providing a pleasant and enjoyable experience while using the best quality products.

Women's Haircuts

Starts at $32

Let us create your style starting with an eco-friendly shampoo, followed by a specialty cut to your liking, and finishing with a relaxing blowout.

Texture Treatments

Starts at $80

We are ready to give you that perfect texture you're looking for, smooth and sleek, or that frizz-free wave. Followed by a specialty cut, and finishing with a relaxing blowout.

Intentional Foil

Starts at $75

Partial foils allow us to choose the perfect placement for the perfect pop, without breaking the bank.

Brazilian Blowout

Starts at $325

Sick of burning your hair with your flat iron? Ready to kiss frizz goodbye? We can relax or remove those kinks with our Brazilian Blowout treatments. *Price includes take-home care and custom haircut!

Men's Cuts

Starts at $15

Bring in a photo of that gentleman's cut, fade, the high and tight or long style you've always wanted to try!

Root Retouch

Starts at $65

Not ready to go gray? Let us touch up those roots so you can continue to fool everyone about your real age. (I won't tell)

Full Foil

Starts at $95

If you're in the market for a new color and are dreaming of being that blond bombshell, then the full foil is your mode of transportation!

Olaplex Treatment

Starts at $30

We could all use a little extra strength. Heal that old damage and prevent the new by adding a bonding treatment to any service and you won't regret it.

Kid's Haircuts

Starts at $12

Kids can feel comfortable and calm with our gentle approach to cutting hair for all ages! (0-10 years)

Virgin Color

Starts at $75

It's time for a change. Lets Pinterest surf and find that updated look you want. Roots to ends, we've got you covered.

Corrective Color

$85 / Hour

Made some poor choices while on Covid lockdown? Come on in and see what we can do!


Starts at $25

Yellow blonde is so 80's. Enter into the 21st century with cool beiges, icy tones, and iridescent neutrals. A tone is the perfect finishing touch to any blonde.


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